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How Digital Transport Platform can help to manage your Supply Chain during this Pandemic situation.

How Digital Transport Platform can help to manage your Supply Chain during this Pandemic situation. Zero down physical paper work and interaction except cargo loading and unloading process. Work from anywhere, anytime from any device.

Key Highlights:

  1. Digital Ordering, Rate Checking and Booking confirmation
  2. Digital Documentation including Lorry Receipt, Invoice
  3. Video and Picture Upload for Drivers, Customers, Transporters
  4. Digital Payment Settlements between Customer, Transporters and Drivers
  5. Minimize Physical Interaction and maintain social distancing
  6. Collaborative chat option to communicate with your supply chain network stakeholders
  7. Real-time Monitoring and Tracking of Trips and Cargo


For Customer

    • Online Pickup Request with schedule
    • Check Rates Online
    • Digital Booking Confirmation
    • Monitor and Track Live Shipment Status
    • Communicate with Transporter and Driver
    • Digital Payment Settlement

For Transporter

    • Assign Truck and Driver
    • Notify Driver and Customer 
    • Monitor and Track Trips Status, Driver on real-time
    • Communicate with Customer and Driver using Chat
    • Generate LR and eWayBill
    • Notify Driver and Customer
    • Auto Invoicing to Customer and send Make Payment Link 
    • Driver Trip Settlement with Digital Payment

For Drivers (Mobile App)

  • Pickup Process
    • Start Pickup
    • Digital Gate-In at Pickup Location (Geo Tag for Auto Gate-In notification)
    • Digital Loading Confirmation with provision to Upload Photo and Video 
    • Generate and Send Digital LR sent to Customer
    • Real-time eWayBill generation
    • Restricted Gate Out until Lorry Receipt and eWayBill generation
    • Digital Gate Out from Pickup Location
  • Delivery Process
    • Start Delivery
    • Digital Gate-In at Delivery Location (Geo Tag for Auto Gate-In notification)
    • Digital Unloading Confirmation with provision to upload Photo
    • Digital POD with Sign, Pic Upload
    • Delivery Confirmation
    • Digital Gate-Out from Delivery Location (Geo Tag for Auto Gate-Out notification)

For Management

    • Monitor and Track Business Operations and Accounting Real-time
    • Business Analytics
    • Exception Alerts

Daily Business Overview

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